Best Time to Visit Kedarnath 2024, Season, Climate Information & Temperature

Best Time to Visit Kedarnath 2024, Season, Climate Information & Temperature Read this post till the end to make your journey to Kedarnath safe and easy. Kedarnath is a pilgrimage site. The best time to visit Kedarnath is April, May, June and July. As this is the peak season, expect less crowd during this time. The weather remains moderate during the months of August, September and October. Hence, you can easily avoid facing the huge crowds. The weather remains pleasant and clear during the peak season, however, the off-season is freezing and there is heavy snowfall.

Best Time to Visit Kedarnath 2024

The entry and exit routes to Kedarnath remain closed due to snowfall during this season. The moderate season is characterized by clear weather as well as rainy weather. A large number of tourists come together during Shravani Annakut Mela, Badri Kedar Mahotsav. The festivals are celebrated continuously in the months of August, June, … So, if you like bustling roads and such areas, then choose this time of the year to visit. If your trip seems incomplete without engaging in some fun activities, you would love to visit many temples and trek around the mountains. Read the post till the end for more information.

Kedarnath in Summer Season 2024

Kedarnath always experiences winter season. The summer months (April-June) in Kedarnath are warm and comfortable. The average temperature in Kedarnath in summer is around 17 degrees Celsius. However, the normal temperature ranges from 15 degrees to a maximum of 30 degrees. The summer season is good for a spiritual vacation and enjoying dazzling landscapes and delicious hill food.

Kedarnath in Mansoon Season 2024

The weather at Kedarnath holy place is unpredictable. While, the weather during the months of (July, August, September) is mainly monsoon season with heavy rainfall. There is a possibility of landslides during this month and roads get blocked due to this. For a smooth spiritual vacation, it is advisable to avoid visiting Kedarnath during this season.

Kedarnath in Winter Season 2024

This is not the right time to visit Kedarnath for enjoyable trekking and outdoor activities as the snowfall can be heavy and dangerous, and the roads are slippery and slick. The Kedarnath temple is impossible to reach and the place remains closed during monsoon and winter. If you are still planning to see the snow-clad landscape, it is better for you to be well prepared and equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. The ordeal will be a real challenge, but also a mesmerizing life experience.

Kedarnath Temperature 2024

Month Temperature Rain
January -3°/-10° 17 Days
February 1°/-9° 9 Days
March 2°/-6° 20 Days
April 5°/-7° 23 Days
May 9°/-1° 14 Days
June 11°/3° 15 Days
July 12°/6° 28 Days
August 12°/7° 28 Days
September 12°/5° 22 Days
October 8°/-1° 2 Days
November 5°/-4° 10 Days
December 1°/-8° 6 Days

Always Reminder for Visit Kedarnath 2024

  • Start early for trekking. It can take at least 6-7 hours to reach the top depending on your speed. The sun can be harsh, so plan your time accordingly.
  • When packing for trekking, always pack light.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the entire venture, but at the same time, eat light but filling foods like nuts and protein bars.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the venture, but at the same time, eat light but filling foods like nuts and protein bars.
  • It is always safer to return early from the trek to avoid getting stranded and stuck, as the weather is unpredictable and rains can come suddenly at any time.

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